Our Story

Transforming the way businesses find top talent.

What Sets Tillotek Apart

At Tillotek Staffing Solutions, our mission is to streamline the recruitment process through technology. We are efficient, transparent, and innovative in our approach while maintaining a genuine connection with our clients. In this article, we will discuss our history, mission, and technological advancements, showcasing our dedication to reducing time and costs associated with recruitment and the benefits of our technology-driven approach for commercial use. Our technology-driven approach and commitment to transparency and building lasting relationships set us apart from traditional staffing agencies.

How We Started

Founded by James Tillotson, Tillotek Staffing Solutions was born out of a vision to help businesses find the right Talent efficiently and cost-effectively. Our goal is an average time to fill that is half the industry average, helping businesses achieve their long-term goals. Our expert recruiters and account managers work tirelessly to ensure our employer partners receive high-quality candidates promptly.

Tools We Use

We understand the importance of leveraging technology in the staffing industry. Our proprietary technology reduces the cost and time to fill for our clients. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze candidate profiles and job descriptions, resulting in better matches and higher-quality hires. Our team is dedicated to improving and advancing our technology to stay ahead of the curve in the industry. We have developed a proprietary technology for commercial use that will revolutionize how companies source and hire talent. This technology allows businesses to manage their recruitment process easily and efficiently, ensuring transparency and a streamlined experience.

Why Partner With Tillotek?

Partnering with Tillotek offers businesses numerous benefits:


Our strategic approach and innovation in the staffing industry provide a cutting-edge technology solution that streamlines the hiring process and delivers results.


Our commitment to transparency and building lasting relationships ensures that businesses receive high-quality candidates in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our technology-driven approach reduces the administrative burdens of staffing, allowing companies to focus on their core operations.


Our dedicated team of recruiters and account managers provides exceptional support throughout the recruitment process.

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